Diving mistakes – Lack of Communication with your Partner

Diving mistakes – Lack of Communication with your Partner

Review the signals on the surface to avoid lack of communication with your partner and confusion on the bottom, agree on a procedure in case you get separated (whether it is the standard of looking for a minute and meeting on the surface, or any other that is more appropriate to immersion); Maintain visual contact at all times with your diving buddy, make sure you know at all times how far away they are, and pay attention to their air as well as yours .

The mistake of lack of communication with the buddy, whether it is a friend, a family member or even a buddy assigned to us on the fly, communication between diving buddies is essential ! Not only among novice divers, but also among more advanced divers, we can see divers who do not even know who their partner is at any given time during the dive.

Repasar las señales en superficie para evitar falta de comunicación con el compañero y confusiones en el fondo, acordad un procedimiento en caso de que os separéis (ya sea el estándar de buscar un minuto y reuniros en superficie, o cualquier otro que sea mas adecuado a la inmersión); mantened contacto visual en todo momento con el compañero de buceo, aseguraros que sabeis en todo momento a qué distancia se encuentra y estad atento a su aire tanto como al tuyo.

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What you need to remember is that every 10 meters the water pressure increases by approximately 1 bar. At 10 meters deep it has a pressure of 2 bar (the atmosphere also presses with 1 bar!). This total pressure is also called absolute pressure. In the first meters underwater the differences are relatively the greatest. Below is a useful table.