Objectives of the Tribuo diving school

The objectives of the Tribuo diving school are:

  1. Teach diving skills: The primary goal of diving school is to teach students the skills necessary to dive safely and responsibly. This includes learning breathing techniques, buoyancy control, underwater navigation, equipment handling and safety procedures.
  2. Provide theoretical knowledge: In addition to practical skills, the Tribuo diving school offers theoretical teaching on the concepts and principles of diving thanks to the PADI portal. This may include information on the physics and physiology of diving, dive planning, decompression, accident prevention and conservation of the marine environment.
  3. Certification and accreditation: As a PADI diving school we offer internationally recognized certification programs, such as those of the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI). This program allows students to obtain a credential that certifies their level of skill and knowledge in diving, which is important for diving autonomously in the future.
  4. Promote Safety: Safety is a fundamental concern in diving, which is why Tribuo diving school focuses on teaching students the proper procedures to minimize risks and respond to emergency situations in the water. This includes the use of safety equipment, training in rescue techniques and teaching prevention measures.
  5. Promote conservation and respect for the marine environment: Tribuo diving school also focuses on promoting environmental awareness among divers. This involves teaching students about the importance of conserving marine ecosystems, respecting marine life, and practicing responsible diving without causing damage to coral reefs or other aquatic habitats.
  6. Offer opportunities for practice and experience: Tribuo diving school often organizes dives in different aquatic environments to allow students to apply their skills and knowledge in real situations.

Overall, the main objective of the Tribuo diving school is to train safe, competent and environmentally conscious divers, providing the skills, knowledge and experience necessary to enjoy diving responsibly and appreciate the beauty of the underwater world.