15 Meters in Diameter and Strong Waves
On Sunday, July 7th in the afternoon, a group of divers in the area of the small pier at Playa Chica in Puerto del Carmen (Tías) noticed a submarine landslide that has generated significant concern within the local community. This incident has resulted in the formation of an underwater hole approximately 15 meters in diameter and has caused strong currents in the access area, creating hazardous conditions for both swimmers and divers.

Immediate Impact and Emergency Response
Fortunately, despite Playa Chica's popularity among swimmers and divers, there were no casualties. However, the severity of the landslide immediately mobilized several security forces and emergency services. Guardia Civil and Local Police officers quickly arrived at the scene, along with Emerlan, Firefighters, and Civil Protection personnel. These units worked diligently to secure the area and prevent any further accidents.

Situation Assessment
A more thorough inspection conducted by the authorities confirmed that no one was trapped in the landslide. Despite this initial confirmation, authorities continue to monitor the area constantly to identify and prevent any future incidents. The safety of citizens and visitors is the highest priority, and all necessary resources are being utilized to ensure it.

Next Steps and Detailed Evaluation
To obtain a more accurate assessment of the damage and potential risks, it is planned that Boluntis divers will conduct a new dive at noon this Monday. This specialized team is tasked with thoroughly evaluating the landslide situation and any associated risks. Their analysis will be crucial in determining the necessary preventive measures to ensure the area can be safely reopened.

Temporary Closure of Playa Chica
Due to the immediate risks associated with the landslide, Playa Chica has been temporarily closed to swimming. This temporary closure is a preventive measure while the necessary inspections and evaluations are carried out. Local authorities are committed to keeping the community informed about developments and the implemented safety measures.

The submarine landslide at Playa Chica has generated a considerable hole and strong currents, prompting a swift and effective response from security forces and emergency services. Although there were no casualties, the situation continues to be closely monitored, and all necessary measures will be taken to ensure everyone's safety. The next dive by Boluntis divers will be essential in assessing the risks and determining the steps to take. Meanwhile, Playa Chica will remain closed to ensure the protection of the area's regular swimmers and divers.

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